what STEPHBY STYLING can do for you




STYLE consulting

Are you not sure of your body type ?
Would you like to define your very own style ?
Stephby Styling will guide you through finding the perfect style combination for your body type.


Do you have a full wardrobe and yet nothing to wear?
Do you tend to wear the same clothes all the time?
Do you need quality tips from an experienced stylist ?
Stephby Styling will help you de-clutter your wardrobe and identify unworn or forgotten items. We can help you draw a list of items to complete your existing wardrobe for a possible ‚personal shopping‘. The aim is to create  the perfect style combinations with outfits and accessories that bring the best out of you!


Are you looking to save time, find work-life balance and be in tune with your personality?
Do you need the eye of an expert while you do your shopping?
Would you like to be guided through the best centers for your specific needs?
Do you have no time or interest for shopping but love to look sharp?
Would you rather have someone else to do your shopping and bring the items home to you?
Stephby Styling is very attentive to all your wishes, and aims at picking the best to style you up for your social functions and corporate events.