She is the figure behind Stephby Styling : your partner in Personal Styling!
‚Style allows you to say who you are, without words‘.
We can find your style personality regardless of your gender.


Natural instinct

As far as I can remember I always loved combining colours, materials and cuts. As a child, I was already aware of color matching, and this got on my mother’s nerves. (Laughs) Throughout the years, this natural instinct grew into a deep love for great appearance.
It all started with receiving compliments from colleagues, friends and even strangers. Those were the first signs. Then a friend of mine asked me if I had ever thought of helping other people shine through my styling tips and perhaps building this into a career. This is how the idea of Stephby Styling was birthed.

Corporate experience

After graduating at the University of Applied Sciences in Hannover in Business Management, I started my career as a Finance Controller. I went on to earn a certification in Project Management, and became active in Process Implementation and Governance. However my passion for styling remained intact and led me to pursuing a training in Style and Color Consulting in Paris.

From passion to profession

Styling YOU is my Passion. It’s a delight for me to fulfill your wishes. Finding the right outfit for your every occasion is my mission. I’d love to guide you through discovering your very own styling identity.
STEPHBY: STyling with Elegance, Precision and Harmony Built for You.